Employees at Kilgore retirement home want to reunite hundreds of photos with family members

Employees at Kilgore retirement home want to reunite hundreds of photos with family members

KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - There might be thousands of them, and the people that found them would like to see them reunited with their families. We’re talking about photographs found in the now closed Gregg home for the Aged. And the pictures now reside at the Arbor Grace of Kilgore Long Term care and Rehab Facility, just waiting to go home.

There are far too many to show: Nearly twenty thick photo albums packed with pics found at the old Gregg Home for the Aged by Laken Grimaldo, Assistant Director of Nursing at Arbor Grace of Kilgore.

“We went over to the old building looking around to make sure that all the things had been gathered up there. And all the albums were in a cabinet; some in the basement,” Grimaldo said.

They date back to the seventies. The older albums have water damage, but most are in pretty good shape.

“I know a lot of things that are left there are probably going to be thrown away, and these cannot be thrown away. I cannot throw them away,” Grimaldo said.

Cassie Peteet, Director of Nurses, Laken and Shelly Longacre, Director of Marketing think the photos need to be reunited:

“To the daughter, the granddaughter, the brother, the sister, whomever, and where these photos belong. I know that if someone had found pictures of my loved ones, I would want them. These are treasures that Laken was able to find. And we went back and searched and found even more,” Peteet said.

They found most of the albums two weeks earlier on:

“Friday the thirteenth,” Peteet said.

And some albums are more like scrap books.

“There’s awards, letters from the mayor, there’s cards that were written. And not necessarily just the residents, it’s the staff as well,” Peteet said.

They are forgotten old memories frozen in time that now can be remembered again by family. They are priceless, but best of all they’re free.

The Arbor Grace staff members would like family members to have the pictures. People can set up an appointment to view them by calling (903) 984-3511.

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