Brookshire’s host grand opening for Spring Market store in Lakeport

WEBXTRA: Lakeport Spring Market grand opening

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Business was conducted today at a much needed grocery store in one East Texas city, with a new look.

Brookshire’s has expanded to Lakeport with a newly renovated ‘Spring Market’.

“We’ve added variety, we’ve lowered prices. It’s been a great format for us, it’s grown, we’ve actually had it 4 years and it’s grown every year. This is going to be a great addition for us,” said Brookshire’s CEO Brad Brookshire.

It’s the site of the old ‘Skinners’, which had served the community for decades.

“Skinners called us and were interested in selling it. We came over and saw it and said it was the perfect size for us,” Brad says.

“When we got the news that Skinners was leaving we were wondering what are we going to do now? Then we heard Spring was coming in,” said Lakeport mayor Johnny Sammons.

And its the only Spring Market with an important asset.

“We kept the meat market. This is actually the only meat market of any Spring we have,” Brookshire says.

The transition, the renovation inside and outside, was done in a total of ten days.

The gas pumps were renovated, and the parking lot was repaired and expanded.

The interior was remodeled and they’ve brought more inventory in.

“They have more of a selection, and I think their prices are great,” Sammons says.

The Lakeport location is the 28th ‘Spring Market’ that Brookshire’s has opened.

Lakeport Spring Market

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