Better East Texas: Veteran’s sign defaced

Better East Texas: Veteran’s sign defacement points to issues to remedy
Updated: Nov. 16, 2020 at 4:50 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Perhaps you recently saw the story about a local Vietnam veteran whose mailbox and political campaign sign were vandalized by being spray painted with swastikas. You can read that story here.

Police consider the act both a racially and politically motivated crime of vandalism. It is sad to see this type of action in east Texas anytime but especially against a veteran and his family. Bill and Anna Brown have had to persevere through these types of actions before and somehow, they have handled it with extreme grace.

Obviously, this type of crime has no justification and you really must pause and guess what type of scum would do this. It is also probably safe to say that the perpetrator is ignorant on the origin of the imagery and lacks the mental understanding and appreciation of what our veterans have sacrificed.

Hopefully law enforcement will be able to find the criminal or criminals behind this and bring them to justice. But then, shouldn’t true justice in this case include extreme community service, perhaps also some kind of history training? Wouldn’t it be appropriate for this criminal to truly have to go through an education along with punishment with an end goal being true reform?

Thankfully neighbors and friends have stepped up to show the Brown’s and the community that these actions are not reflections of the mindset of many and that love and respect do dominate hate. Hopefully this will be dealt with and won’t happen again and the true value of veterans and respect for those that may differ on some points will emerge. And that will make for a Better East Texas

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