City council approves expansion of Faulkner skate park

WEBXTRA: City council approves expansion of Faulkner Skate Park

Released by the City of Tyler:

On Nov. 11, Tyler City Council awarded the bid for the construction of Phase II of Faulkner Skate Park to Evergreen Skateparks, LLC. The bid includes the furnishing of all necessary materials, equipment, superintendence and labor for an amount not to exceed $350,000.

The 10,500 square foot skatepark concept features an expansive street terrain with ledges, rails, ramps and more. It will include all features requested by community leaders, including an easy-flow integrated with traditional street features, a lazy river-style skatepark in a circular shape and Jersey barriers.

The park will be great for users of all different skill levels and ages. The layout will create a tremendous amount of flow and speed lines throughout the park while accommodating multiple users at once.

Once construction is completed, the City’s Faulkner Skate Park will have over 14,000 square feet of skating space.

Nobel E Young skate park is scheduled to be demolished once the construction of Faulkner Skate Park is completed.