Better East Texas: Election returns impact Texas

Better East Texas: Election returns impact Texas
Published: Nov. 10, 2020 at 6:06 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Election Day has come and gone, and some votes are still being counted. The state of Texas has a little more time to certify the results, but Texans made their political alignments known.

This election showed that the polling industry still has a lot of refinement to do. Critics will say that all the polls were wrong and truly, some were and some weren’t and some were right on specific races while missing others. But that’s why we have the vote, right, to have citizens commit and not just give an opinion.

For first time voters young and old, what a great election to start your political journey. Hopefully not all elections will be this fiery. But the real winner was the democratic process. Texas had an increase in voters – not a huge increase over 2016, but an increase.

We also, generally, saw a smooth process, and folks were engaged like never before. Texas will benefit on the national stage as well because of the increased results. And, if Texas is becoming a battleground state, it will pay off with more of our priorities being respected by both parties. It will also mean a more contentious election path.

So, let’s all celebrate victories, lick our wounds on others and know that the US will go on. We may need to repair some relationships with some family and friends, so thank God for the holidays. COVID-19 is still here and potentially more impacting than ever. And we still have our cultural divides that need priority moving forward. In the end, congratulations to all who voted and for those who didn’t, spare us your political posts on social media.

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