East Texas gun sales surge during delay in presidential election outcome

East Texas gun sales surge during delay in presidential election outcome

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The delayed outcome of the presidential election also had a ‘run’ of sorts at some East Texas businesses. Gun dealers.

Some dealers say they’ve seen hundreds of customers over the past few days, all wanting to purchase firearms.

At places like Ark-La-Tex guns in Gilmer and other stores, people have been flooding in wanting to purchase firearms.

“We have people standing outside our store before it even opens in the morning. We can’t keep guns in stock. The guns we get in, we have people calling every day wanting to know what we’ve got in,” says Les Green of Ark-La-Tex guns.

It’s gotten to a point now where there’s a waiting list.

“We’ve got people ordering now knowing it’s going to be a month or 2 or 3 before they can get them,” Les says.

“When people are coming in looking for guns and ammo, they’re not shocked to not find what they’re looking for,” says son Logan Green.

One reason is possibly the worry of going from a 2nd amendment friendly administration, to one that may hold questions on future gun restrictions.

“Most of the people we’re talking to, they’re scared of the direction America is going, they’re scared of losing their second amendment rights,” Les says.

And it’s not just guns.

“They look at the ammo we get in every day, we get a couple of thousand rounds of any particular caliber and most of the time by mid afternoon , it’s gone. They’re afraid ammunition is going to be banned or regulated,” Green says.

Whether out of fear or simply acting on instinct, the firearms industry is fueled by a resurgent interest.

Analysts say it’s been an unprecedented year for the firearms industry, which has seen a steady, pandemic-related surge in sales.

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