Tyler trio gets to showcase baseball skills at high level in Arlington

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Recently at Globe Life Park, the Dodgers were crowned World Series champs over the Rays.  Now giving way to younger talent that includes East Texans, the new ball park will host an event, where three locals get to shine.

“Oh definitely it’s a opportunity of a lifetime to get a chance to play in a big league stadium, be around kids that are your age maybe a little older and see some of the best players in Texas. Getting a chance to showcase your skills you never know who’s going to be watching you know,” said Former MLB player Pat Mahomes.

Their coach, Pat Mahomes, helped the trio get in batting practice before their departure, and it’s not lost on them at the venue they’ll be play at.

“I’ve heard everyone talking about it, they were saying they were jealous and stuff kind of a little jealous myself too,” said Ballers player Kaden Duncan.

Mahomes has taken this love of the game to many youngsters in East Texas, who have their favorite part of the game picked up by being around him.

“I think hitting is what I like about me, pitching is all right but hitting has always been my thing,” said Bryce Alexander.

One of the players likes to both hit and pitch

“If you were pitching to you what would you throw at you to try to get you off your game?” I asked Tanner Beech.

“Probably my curveball,” he replied.

“If you were hitting against you what would you look for to hit off of you?” I then asked.

“My fastball,” Beech said.

While the players will have fun there’s another aspect of them having their day in the baseball spotlight.

“Once they get into a game situation where base hits and all that really counts it’s gonna be a good opportunity for them to show off some of the stuff they have achieved and worked so hard to get,” Mahomes said.

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