Longview online business expansion will bring new jobs to East Texas

WEBXTRA: Longview online business expansion will bring new jobs to East Texas

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Small may be in the name, but not in the vision. Smallwood Home in Longview sells custom photographic home decor to the world with its online business. And they say they’re doing so well they will soon be needing an additional 200 workers to man a new facility that will be built in East Texas.

To do what Josh Smallwood envisioned ended up taking nine buildings in Longview. He needs a lot of space to get to his end product. And he says orders have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We got started in 2012 just as social media was really taking off, and from 2012 to 2020 we’ve just grown tremendously,” Smallwood said.

So much so they are going to consolidate into one large building around New Diana, but this isn’t the first time since:

“We experienced a fire back in 2017,” Smallwood said.

The business was consolidated once, but on September 20, 2017:

“We got a call late that night that the whole building had burned down,” Smallwood said.

No one was there at the time. So within a few months they were using multiple buildings to fill orders.

“We were really just fortunate to get our hands on whatever space we could,” Smallwood said.

They used the same employees and the business grew. He says the most popular orders are for custom family photos, and he has some big high resolution printers to produce right up to wall sized.

“I think that’s one thing that really sets us apart from most on line businesses is that we make everything from raw material to finished goods. We’ve tried to keep every job we possibly can here in East Texas,” Smallwood said.

And that includes:

“Our manufacturing, wood shops, print shops, cut facilities, our shipping, customer support, creative team; everybody’s based out of Longview,” Smallwood said.

Now items are moved around town to finish off an order, but all the while they wanted everything in one building since:

“People is what drives our business,” Smallwood said.

And he adds that even though they have 300 employees and are projecting they’ll need 200 more in the next few years, Smallwood wants them to feel more like a family all under one roof.

Smallwood says the new one million foot facility will retain all present employees who are mostly Longview residents, and that he’s looking for new employees who can go to work now.

WEBXTRA: Longview online business expansion will bring new jobs to East Texas

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