It’s lonely driving for an election inspector

It’s lonely driving for an Election Inspector

BIG SANDY, Texas (KLTV) - Elections inspectors quietly make sure everything is as it should be at Texas polling places, and they aren’t allowed to speak with the media, but their drivers can.

We’ll just go by his first name: Jeffrey, since we don’t want to get anyone in trouble here. Jeffery is content to sit in his car and wait for his wife while she makes observations where votes are cast.

“My wife works for the state, and they send her an email usually about every thirty days before an election to get volunteers to do it and that’s what she’s doing. She’s volunteering to do this,” Jeffrey said.

So he says there’s no pay, but they get expenses, and they don’t go to just one place in an assigned county.

“We’re only required to go to six of them but we went to ten. My wife’s an overachiever,” Jeffery said.

So Jeffrey is pretty much a chauffeur who patiently waits for his client to finish her business so he can take her to the next location. Seems a little lonely.

“Sometimes, yes, but if you’ve been married to my wife as long as I have, it doesn’t bother you,” Jeffrey said.

Election Inspectors do their duty on Election Day. And according to the Election Inspector Handbook, they can’t take sides, talk to anyone besides election officials, get too familiar with anyone, accept free meals, argue with anyone, or talk to people like me.

So while she doesn’t do any of that Jeffrey has:

“Time to reflect and worry about whether my candidate is going to win or not,” Jeffrey said.

He becomes familiar with local radio stations since he’s from the Dallas area. He also has plenty of time to:

“Eat, and, uh, drink Gatorade or soda, but other than that, that’s about it,” Jeffrey said.

And the assigned county? Well, it was Upshur where voters couldn’t vote for a couple hours because equipment used to verify voter registration didn’t work at 7 a.m. Jeffery was around for that.

“Surprisingly no one was angry. Everyone was very patient, very patient. They stood in line as long as they could. And some of them had to go to work and said they’d be back. Things went very well,” Jeffrey said.

Thanks to the radio, things pick up a little in the evening when he can listen to election results. Sometimes it’s difficult for him remain emotionless, but he reigns it in.

But still he does feel he has purpose.

“I don’t get to put much forward in it. I don’t get to do any of this but that’s my part; which is nothing,” Jeffrey said.

So he says his contributions to patriotism are his driving skills, his patience, and his time that he happily gives to his wife, the mysterious Election Inspector.

Oh, he does have one more job: Keeping his mouth shut about any details in the report.

According to their handbook, Election Inspectors must be certified by the Office of Secretary of State by completing a training seminar scoring 70 percent or higher. Their drivers do not.

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