WEBXTRA: East Texas man designs, builds devices designed to detect ghosts

WEBXTRA: Paranormal equipment

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - If you’re looking for ghosts, well you may have seen a few floating around your neighborhood this Halloween evening. But if you’re looking for what some believe are real apparitions, an East Texas man designs and builds equipment that may help find them, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Jeromy Jones runs Paranologies, which stands for, “Paranormal Technologies.” KLTV’s Jamey Boyum interviewed Jones at the Jefferson Hotel on Saturday.

He said he was an electrical engineer and designed things like elevator schematics which he thinks was “a lot of boring stuff.”

Jones has a bachelor in electrical engineering, and for a decade, he did that boring stuff. However, sometime during all that, he decided to:

“Dive into my passion for the paranormal,” Jones said.

He merged paranormal and electrical devices and would go to paranormal conferences in Jefferson with his, well, doohickies.

“And I would show up with some of these pieces of equipment, just to show off. I had no intention of selling them. Well, people wanted to buy them,” Jones said.

Jones designed those devices and could make more, so he sold them online. He said people thought they were good.

“So good in fact that it was taking over my engineering job. And so, I had to make a choice here,” Jones said.

And of course, he chose the stuff that was not so boring.

“Paranologies, and we did that full time. It’s been eight years now,” Jones said.

He explains that one thing led to another and his designs ended up on television.

“On a lot of the shows that you see on Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, all of these things," Jones said. “So they’ll call me up and say, ‘Hey, we have a new show. We have a design we want you to build,'” Jones said.

He designs everything on a computer.

“And we have 3D printers back there. They’ll print the model out for us," Jones said. “I’ll put all the electronics in there, and then we ship them to the shows and you’ll see them all over network television.”

And whoever wants it gets it.

“I designed about 12 different types of night vision cameras; sensors that pick up static electricity,” Jones said.

He said they say, whoever they are, that static electricity could be related to ghostly communication.

“Of course we could never say that it’s a ghost anyway because, you know, it’s not proven,” Jones said.

He also uses radio parts to build “Spirit Boxes."

“I guess the spirits are able to use frequencies, and they’ll bring their own voices through on this particular setup,” Jones said.

So Jones knows how his devices work, but not necessarily the entities that may be on the other end. He has a good place to do some testing though since he and his wife are the new owners of the Jefferson Hotel.

Jones said his devices have also been featured in the new “Poltergeist” film, and in the Netflix show “Stranger Things.”

Jones said he has devices that measure static electricity. He also designs and cameras and audio recorders that pick up lower- and higher-frequency sounds that human ears cannot hear.

The audio recorder is connected to something paranormal experts refer to as Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP. Basically, electronic devices sometimes record voices that you couldn’t hear yourself, Jones explained.

“I’ve gotten some really scary recordings,” Jones said.

One time, Jones was in a room by himself in the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. Although Jones didn’t hear it, his audio recorder picked up a little girl’s voice that said, “I’m dead.”

Jones said he also sells virtual reality headsets and is considering renting paranormal detection equipment to people who take part in the Jefferson Ghost Walk.

Jamey will have more on this story later today.

East Texas man designs, builds devices designed to detect ghosts

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