German film crew returns to East Texas to film popular television show

WEBXTRA: German film crew returns to East Texas to film popular television show

HAWKINS, Texas (KLTV) - A small East Texas town is once again the setting for a reality show, on German television.

A German film crew is in Hawkins, Texas to shoot the second season of ‘The Germanator’, a reality series focused on German-born police chief Manfred Gilow.

Back for a second season, and filming over the next 7 weeks, a crew from D-Max, the German equivalent of the Discovery Channel, again focuses on Hawkins police chief Manfred Gilow.

“He’s just a fascinating guy, he’s very authentic, he’s very likable, he’s a tough guy but also really sweet,” says crew director Katya Lau.

“I’m sure they didn’t know how it would go with the first season but it was successful so they decided to keep going with it,” says cameraman Rene' Jung.

The first season of the series gained top ratings in its time slot, and Hawkins has become famous in Germany, not to mention it’s police chief.

“You watch the first episode of the Germanator and you see Manfred doing his thing, and he’s a rock star! It was clear that this would be huge,” says sound technician Dennis Schweitzer.

Shooting a second season they hope to recapture the magic of the first, which became an instant hit in Germany.

“I am the way I am. You see what you get. This is Manfred. That’s how I am and that makes it successful I think,” says chief Gilow.

They’ll follow the chief and his officers almost non-stop, showing life in a small Texas town.

Evidently what a lot of German viewers have come to enjoy.

“To see how he embraced the community and how the community embraced him. Home run,” Schweitzer says.

“We’re learning a lot about police work, about America, about small towns, and what’s important in life,” Lau says.

Because of travel restrictions, the crew will return to Los Angeles offices after filming.

German film crew returns to East Texas to film popular televison show

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