Reel East Texas Film Festival offers streaming option for guests amid pandemic

Reel East Texas Film Festival offers streaming option for guests amid pandemic

KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - It’s reel, and it’s real close to happening: The Reel East Texas Film Festival at Kilgore’s Texan Theater. And the festival will follow CDC guidelines, and will be streamed for the first time.

Reel East Texas Film Festival Director Chip Hale is a busy guy, especially this time of year. He’s working on a promo video for the festival, and is pretty excited it’s happening for the fourth time.

“One of the issues that we found with COVID is being able to allow the film makes to watch their films virtually. So we are adding that element to our film festival this year. So if the film starts here at ten o’clock Saturday morning on the fourteenth, then someone in Sheboygan, Wisconsin can put their link in Eventive and watch at the same time someone is watching it here,” Hale said.

And so to stream it, well:

“You have to go to Sheboygan to watch it,” Hale said.

Actually that is a joke. You can watch it anywhere there is internet access, or you can go in person since:

“The Texan’s large enough to where social distancing really won’t be an issue considering that most of the film blocks; for the film festival we show anywhere from two to six or seven films in one block,” Hale said.

Hale says they will be observing CDC guidelines inside the Texan, and:

“Because most of the films are from different regions, and from different areas of mainly the U.S. we usually don’t have an occupancy issue for the films,” Hale said.

And as far as the live stream:

“It’s probably something we’ll do every year,” Hale said.

The film creators will not be left out of the stream.

“There will be a way for people to watch the Q and A’s through Eventive as well,” Hale said.

And even through the COVID-19 Pandemic films were completed:

“Which is, I think, a testament to independent film makers that they were still able to get their projects finished, be able to still submit them and get them out to the masses,” Hale said.

The festival runs the next two weekends at the Texan Theater in Kilgore, and everywhere there is streaming, even Sheboygan.

The Reel East Texas Film Festival Board felt it was important to maintain continuity and not skip a year of the festival

Tickets are on sale now through Eventbrite and on the Reel East Texas website. A film screening schedule for the four-day festival can also be found here.

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