ABC’s chief national affairs correspondent previews special report about Latino voters

ETN: ABC News’ chief national affairs correspondent previews Latino vote special report

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Tom Llamas, ABC News' chief national affairs correspondent, spoke to East Texas Now host Kayla Lyons on Tuesday about an upcoming ABC News Live special report about the impact the Latino vote may have on the Nov. 3 presidential election.

According to a press release, Latinos will be the largest minority racial or ethnic group in the electorate for the first time in U.S. history in this election. The group has 32 million eligible voters.

During the interview, Llamas explained that he is Cuban-American. He said as ABC staffers did their research on the Latino voting bloc, they learned some interesting things.

“The Latino electorate is not monolithic by any stretch of the imagination,” Llamas said. “Cuban-Americans in Florida are likely going to vote different from Democrats and Mexican-Americans in California, and Mexican-American ranchers in Texas are voting for President Donald Trump. But … every sort of winning party has a large chunk of that Latino vote.”

Llamas said both Trump and former vice president Joe Biden are vying for the Latino votes in traditionally red states like Texas and Georgia that Democrats are hoping to turn blue or at least purple.

Depending on how many Latinos turn out to vote and who they vote for, they could change the course of the election, Llamas said.

ABC News Live will present the hour-long special “America’s Future: The Power of the Latino Vote” on Tuesday, Oct. 27. It will also air on Nat geo Mundo on Sunday, Nov. 1 with captions and subtitles in Spanish.

The special report will be anchored by Llamas, Senior White House Correspondent Cecelia Vega, and ABC News Anchor John Quiñones, and it will be reported by Victor Oquendo, Gio Benitez, and Stephanie Ramos.

“' America’s Future: The Power of the Latino Vote' will elevate the voices of a community who often feel left out of the political conversation and misunderstood as voters,” the press release stated.

To watch the full interview, click the video above.

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