SFA Ladyjacks all together again, ready for 2020-21 season

SFA Ladyjacks all together again, ready for 2020-21 season

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - The SFA Ladyjacks will start their season where the 2019-20 season was abruptly ended.

SFA will play in a multi-team event at the Merrell Center in Katy to start the season. In March they were called about the cancelation of the Southland Tournament, played at the venue, before they ever got to leave Nacogdoches for their game.

“We are selling it as we hope to start and end the year in Katy with good results,” SFA head women’s coach Mark Kellogg said. “We hope to get to play and that we start to understand COVID or even a vaccine. These girls deserve a season and a post season.”

Now the team is back together and ready for a new season. It was not easy to get here. Players have been out with injuries and their have been COVID cases. COVID-19 even threatened the team getting some of their players. The Ladyjacks have four foreign players on the roster.

“It was hit or miss for a long time this summer,” Kellogg said. 'It was 'What was the CDC doing? What was up with international travel? Are we going to be able to get all of our kids. “ Finally right after school started we had them and they did not have to quarantine long."

Stephanie Visscher was one of their foreign players that did not have a problem getting back into the country due to her dual citizenship with the United States and Sweden.

“It wasn’t as bad in Sweden,” Visscher said. "We had a group of players that some returned from college and some where from Lulea where I am from get together and work out. "

Now she is hoping the team can get to the conference tournament once again.

“I am excited for this year,” Visscher said. “We have a good team and the chemistry this year is good. I am hopeful for this year.”

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