Historic Jefferson Ghost Walk still haunting visitors 20 years later

Updated: Oct. 22, 2020 at 2:53 PM CDT
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JEFFERSON, Texas (KLTV) - It’s been creeping people out for 20 years, all while teaching about the past. The Historical Jefferson Ghost Walk still haunts visitors, especially this month. We take a well-lit, daytime preview.

Jodi Breckenridge knows a story or two about Jefferson, and she’d better since she’s in charge of the Historic Jefferson Ghost Walk.

“The Ghost walk is a two hour tour where you come and you discover our historic haunts because you’re getting the actual historic information as well as the ghost stories that are associated with these spots,” Breckenridge said.

This is not one of those scream-y tours.

“Nobody’s paid to jump out of the bushes at you, so if somebody jumps out of the bushes at you can hit them. That’s not supposed to happen,” Breckenridge laughed.

She says she does it because she loves history and ghost stories, but:

“I’ve always been the skeptic; logical reasons for stuff but I have to admit there’s things that have happened; unusual pictures we get and capture that there is no logical explanation for,” Breckenridge said.

In fact they have a website where pictures taken by visitors are posted. And it’s not all outside.

“We come in and come to the Jefferson Hotel. We go into the old Heywood house which also used to be an old hotel. It has a tunnel that went underneath the building. A cache of money was found; silver dollars and things rolled up in the walls” Breckenridge said.

The Excelsior House has a pretty ghostly past, and the Magnolias' history also has a few tremorous tales. The Grove, she says, is sometimes visited by the vaporous, as well as tourists. But Jefferson has such a:

“Vivid history that I always kind of have to pick and choose what I share and tell on these tours because you can’t get it all in one ghost walk,” Breckenridge said.

It depends on which way the spirit takes Jodi on the ghost walk.

The Historic Jefferson Ghost Walk isn’t just in October. It runs year around on Friday and Saturday nights. Click here for more information.

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