Better East Texas: Virtual learning outcomes during COVID-19

BETTER EAST TEXAS - Suicide prevention
BETTER EAST TEXAS - Suicide prevention
Published: Oct. 16, 2020 at 11:11 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - We continue to learn about the impact of COVID-19. Perhaps the largest impact initially was on our schools as shutdowns were the norm last spring and virtual learning took center stage. But there were many lessons learned and districts modified the learning process for re-opening this fall.

Most districts offered families the option of in-person learning or a virtual experience. Well, even that approach has had to be re-thought as many districts have learned that remote learning is no where near the same experience as in-person. One district found that sixty percent of remote learners were failing at least one class.

Others have realized the extreme burden that a virtual experience places on teachers. As a result of these recent conclusions, many districts are discontinuing remote learning options. This will challenge social distancing in schools and perhaps put some teachers and students more at risk, but it is something that, as it moves forward, will need patience and persistence to succeed.

Families will have to remain flexible, too, as some districts will perhaps need to go virtual for a time as COVID-19 cases pop up. But ultimately, it is obvious that the in-person option is best for all – best for students and best for teachers. Keeping that goal in mind will help everyone involved get through the next few months. And with a classroom setting being of paramount importance, other school activities may have to contract some in the interest of safety. That will require flexibility and understanding on everyone’s part. It is not normal yet but there are these baby steps of progress and we are all taking them together – which makes for a Better East Texas.

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