It’s back: Vendors line up for Highway 80 Sale

Updated: Oct. 16, 2020 at 2:12 PM CDT
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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - It was canceled last time around, but the world’s longest garage sale is back. Yes, it’s time for the semi-annual Historic U.S. 80 Hi-way Sale. KLTV set out to see what they have in Longview, and to find out if CDC guidelines are being followed.

If you can get to Highway 80, you’ll find the stuff for sale this weekend. It’s been a year since the last one.

Like many, Jimmy and Cheryl Woods are ready to sell.

“I’ve been hoarding stuff for like 30 years. Our attic is full, we have storage sheds full. Most of this stuff I can go through and tell you where I got it,” Jimmy said.

They came in from the Dallas area to unload.

“Everything’s starting to pick up. A lot of people said they didn’t even know it was happening this week, you know. They said oh we didn’t even know it was going on; you know, corona, so,” Jimmy said.

They are staying in a small trailer in the lot for the weekend.

“Constantly, washing our hands. Every time we take someone’s money, we’re washing our hands,” Jimmy said.

Michelle McKinley is in her second year of participating in the sale, and says this time around is different because they’re:

“Definitely going through and disinfecting everything; making sure everything’s wiped down, cleaned off. You know, obviously we’re having to stay farther away from people this time,” McKinley said.

Some vendors have put out hand sanitizer for customers. Samantha Nelson appreciates that and stays masked up to look at the stuff.

“It’s interesting. It brings back memories. Especially when you’re looking at old antiques and such; it brings back memories,” Nelson said.

There may not have been a memory tied to a phone in the shape of a condiment bottle.

“Wait, what is that?” I asked her.

“A phone,” Nelson said about a Heinz phone she was holding.

“Oh, just in case you want to make a call and ‘ketchup’,” I said.

“Oh, high five,” she said holding her hand up.

“Oh, now I have to sanitize,” I said after the high five.

“Here you go,” Jimmy said, giving both of us a squirt of sanitizer.

Jimmy on the spot, there. So, procedures may have changed, but the people are just as friendly as last year.

“We got a little bit of everything. We have everything, except a sink. We didn’t bring a kitchen sink,” Jimmy said.

And Jimmy does wear a mask, although he has another one for sale that might scare off all kinds of nasty things.

“I am not your father,” Jimmy said through his Darth Vader mask.

Several vendors said they are only doing it Friday and Saturday so you may want to keep that in mind if you go. And be prepared to use cash for purchases.

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