Kirbyville CISD uses video app to engage students during COVID-19 pandemic

Staff at Kirbyville CISD wanted to pep up spirits at the district by creating a video

Kirbyville CISD uses video app to engage students during COVID-19 pandemic
Kirbyville CISD

KIRBYVILLE, Texas (KTRE) - Many school activities have been postponed, canceled or modified because of COVID-19. Those changes have led to a lack of engagement from students. Staff at Kirbyville CISD wanted to change that by creating a video.

“I’ve been kind of sad because it is my senior year,” Katie Newman said. “I know that 2020 is really hard.”

“Teachers are having to teach differently than they’ve ever taught before,” District Nurse Mackenzie Cucancic said. “As nurses, we’re having to make decisions that we’ve never had to make before as well as our administration.”

Cucancic says the challenges of the school year have been stressful and she and other staff members wanted to do something to lift spirits.

“All the kids are really into TikTok,” she said. “I thought it would be funny if we created a TikTok for the school and kind of randomly posted videos through the year. Since it was homecoming, it would be a good time to start that.”

Newman was brought in to help with this week’s theme for homecoming titled ‘Decades.’

“For a couple of days or so, we were writing down songs for each decade,” Newman said. “We picked about five different songs that all represented each staff members decade. From songs like “Joy to the World” to “Ice Ice Baby” and more.”

“They called us out of class,” Newman recalled. “We knew which class we were going to get out of, and we were just pumped. We were so excited. So, it was a lot of fun.”

Staff members even surprised students at Friday’s pep rally with an encore performance.

“On a normal day they might not have done that, but it’s really for the kids,” Cucancic said. “They would do anything for them, anything to see them smile.”

“Because of COVID, we’re having to wear masks, and I am usually a people-person,” Newman explained. “I can’t hug people, be social and socialize with them. I have to sit in assigned seats at lunch, so it kind of makes it hard. But to see all the teachers come together and do that for us, it means the world not just to me but every student in this school.”

Cucancic says the high school and other campuses plan to make more videos soon.

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