City of Longview repairs water main break that shut down part of Fourth Street

City of Longview repairs water main break that shut down part of Fourth Street
City of Longview crews work to repair a water main break Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020 at the intersection of Fourth and Happiness streets. (Source: Jamey Boyum/KLTV)

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - The city of Longview experienced a water main break that shut down a major thoroughfare for most of the day.

WEBXTRA: Water main break shuts down part of Fourth Street in Longview

More than 20 houses were without water, and it created traffic delays on Fourth Street where it was closed between Sunshine and LeDuke streets.

The break happened between 10 and 11 p.m. Tuesday night. Melinda Fletcher lives in the 1900 block of Fourth Street near where it happened, and says her daughter heard what:

“Sounded like three gunshots and then next thing we know the roads are blocked off and we have no water,” Fletcher said.

She has a tax service she runs out of her house, but her lack of water didn’t really affect business.

“Most of our clients, we do on line or virtual conferences,” Fletcher said.

About 25 homes were without water, according to Dwayne Archer, assistant director of public works. He says it turned out there was a:

“Twelve inch line that had broken under Fourth Street."

And that much leaking water:

“Created a pretty good sized hole. We were able to isolate it fairly quickly,” Archer said.

That was good since it also:

“Eroded very quickly. A 12-inch line will take out; move a lot of dirt,” Archer said.

And it did. In the morning workers removed sections of damaged pipe to make ready for the new. And about 2:30 pm:

“They’ve got the pipe already in place, they’re about to lay it back in. They’re just sanitizing everything now and they’re about to lay it in,” Archer said.

It’s a muddy hole and an open line, so they clean it out first:

“S,o there’s absolutely no issue with any dirt actually getting in to the line. They make sure it’s cleaned out,” Archer said.

A resident said the street was bulging, which affected the street, before water was shut down.

“There was some damage from the water that they wanted to repair, but also since they had the milling machine there and there were some repairs that needed to be made, they were there as well,” Archer said.

So, they also made a few other needed street repairs taking advantage of the road closure.

The city has completed repairs and residents now have water, or should shortly. That stretch of Fourth Street will be opened up to two lanes instead of four while they complete road repairs.

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