Level up: Longview ISD offers classes on video game design

WEBXTRA: Longview ISD offers classes on video game design, architecture and animation

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - They are in seventh grade and already working on potential careers.

Several classes of students at Longview ISD schools are learning software that can build video games. And that software can lead to careers in architecture or animation.

Nic Moore teaches the game design class at Judson Middle School, and students learn to write pretty much a foreign language: code.

“They learn how to use code and sort of use their critical thinking skills to piece together code to create video games and some animations and things like that,” Moore said.

Right now they’re designing two dimensional games.

“But when we get later into the course we’ll start getting into 3D design and 3D animation. We’ll go into things like architecture, engineering. We use things like tool that they would use to design houses and design parts and pieces for engineering projects,” Moore said.

Trenton Wallace is not really having a problem with this class.

“I like building. I know how to put pieces together; put things together so I was like, sure. Let’s make some games,” Wallace said.

And they are, all from ideas they have in their heads, although a few are copying classics.

“Right now they’re learning the basics of the logic, the basics of learning how to think like a programmer, how to just put those things together and think in that way that they can logically construct; think like a computer, so to speak,” Moore said.

And some of the students are already thinking several years ahead.

“I’m also looking to get into a college that allows you to make video games,” Wallace said.

“Anything you use on the computer or phone, everything was coded by someone,” Moore said.

Without code, all our devices would still be sheet metal, wire and plastic since there would be no point building them. These students know that, and know that with coding the future could be looking at them and saying 'you win".

The students can continue with coding all the way through their senior year at Longview ISD. And Moore says the district is in the process of partnering with Gearbox software out of Dallas. They make games like Brothers in Arms and Borderlands.

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