East Texas coaches talk reminding players about COVID-19 safety

Legacy Covid

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Tyler High School’s football team had to cancel the Nacogdoches game scheduled for Friday night, due to the possible exposure of COVID-19 to a person within the team.

Two East Texas coaches explain the need to remind players about the safety protocol.

“I mean if you wanna win you got to do things right and right now with the COVID protocols in place that is part of doing things . If you’re closer than 6 feet you got to have that mask up, if you’re working out, obviously we don’t have it up but we are on the sideline over there and standing next to someone you’ve got to have it pulled up," said Tyler Legacy coach Joe Willis.

“We tell them every day, multiple times a day we have them for an athletic period. When we’re lifting weights, practice during the period they get reminded. When they’re checking in for athletics, wash your hands, mask up, social distance. On the field during practice, if they go into a water break, mask up, then of course afterwards making sure we have our face coverings hand sanitizers and everything available,” said Longview coach John King.

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