East Texans hold annual military appreciation celebration

East Texans hold annual military appreciation celebration

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - With so many fall events cancelled, an East Texas group goes ahead with a celebration of those who have served the country, and a raise money for the continuing education of our youth.

The 4th annual ‘East Texas military appreciation celebration’ took place in Gladewater.

With a classic car and bike show, live music, and arts and crafts, the 4th annual ‘Fred Lobsters military appreciation celebration’ took place on the racetrack grounds.

“We’re all patriots we love our country, love our veterans. We like to show our support any way we can,” said property owner Pete Gerbine III.

Proceeds from the event support Longview’s VVA chapter 987 scholarship funds and much needed programs for veterans.

“Anything that a veteran needs. We’ve taken veterans off the street and put them in homes. You shouldn’t forget them, because they mean a lot,” says marine corps Vietnam veteran Jimmy Don Murphy.

“It’s also important for our young people, because when they see people appreciating it, they appreciate it,” says veteran Tony Taylor.

Foremost was honoring the many veterans who took part.

As their branch anthems were played, they assembled in front of the stage to be honored for their service.

“Raise awareness for veterans of all eras of war, those from the past , those from the present and those of the future,” Taylor says.

“Any chance we get to bring people together, enjoy our freedom, enjoy each other, and what God gave us in this country we like to come out and share it,” Gerbine says.

And the celebration continued with a fireworks show and live music until midnight.

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