Search continues for Wells infant

On Tuesday, Cherokee County authorities say they searched a new area near the Angelina-Trinity County Line.

Search continues for Wells infant
Armaidre Antwan Marquie Argumon (Source: DPS)

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Officials are still searching for baby Armaidre Argumon. He went missing in Wells on September 18th. On Tuesday, Cherokee County authorities say they searched a new area near the Angelina-Trinity County line.

Tuesday marked 11 days since Baby Armaidre was last seen near the 500 block of Old Forest Road in Wells wearing just a diaper. Cousin Jalysa Moses says it’s been a difficult time for the family.

“Yeah, it’s been hard for everybody,” Moses said. “We are just trying to figure out our next steps to do our part to bring the baby home.”

Cherokee County Sheriff Brent Dickson says they are continuing their investigation.

“We do suspect some sort of foul play,” Dickson said. “The father has been charged with endangering a child or abandoning a child. We do suspect him of foul play as far as that goes, but we do not know the circumstances what lead to the child going missing.”

He says they are even checking a broader area.

“I spoke with one of our lead investigators this morning, and he was headed to South Angelina to the Trinity County line to follow up on a lead there and the south part of East Texas just trying to make sure every part is covered,” Dickson said. “At this point, there has not been any new evidence in the case.”

Sheriff Dickson says the baby’s father, Deandre Argumon remains in the Cherokee County Jail but has not cooperated with the investigation.

“I spoke with his attorney and the District Attorney of Cherokee County this week hoping that we can sit down with him and we can be able to try and work out something to resolve this issue and get this child back home safely,” Dickson said.

He says investigators have interviewed the child’s mother.

“At this point, she is not a suspect,” Dickson said. “Her information is strictly as a witness only and we don’t feel she is part of this at all.”

Sheriff Dickson says multiple agencies including his department, Wells Police, CPS, and the Texas Rangers are searching daily on roads, plots of land, rivers, cemeteries, and more.

“We don’t know if the baby is with a friend or if the baby is ultimately deceased or if the father buried him somewhere in the community,” Dickson said.

He says until the Baby Armaidre is found, the public should be on the lookout for him.

“Any time someone is out in the public be vigilant and look for clues,” Dickson said. “If you see anything hear anything call and let us know. I ask that you pray for the family and the officers working for this case. Pray for the safe return of this baby.”

“We haven’t given up,” Moses said. “We don’t want anyone else to give up, continue to look and keep the prayers going.”

Sheriff Dickson says as of now there are no other suspects. He says a multi-agency search like they had last week with search dogs and a drone is not scheduled because of the broad search area. Authorities did locate and search both vehicles they were looking for but found no evidence. A reward is still being offered.

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