Como-Pickton CISD transitioning students back to classroom learning

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Updated: Sep. 29, 2020 at 3:44 PM CDT
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COMO, Texas (KLTV) - Students will soon return to classrooms full time at Como-Pickton Consolidated Independent School District.

The district announced the decision Tuesday after revealing that students who opted for at-home learning were struggling.

“Many are at risk of either failing as a result of their neglect to attend school online in regards to the state’s mandated 90 percent attendance policy,” a statement read on the CPCISD Facebook page. “Or they are at risk of failing as a result of their neglect to do required assignments or tests.”

“We have zero cases. I think as every school across the state has had to deal with, we’ve obviously had some," said Dr. Greg Bower, superintendent at CPCISD. "While we have zero cases now I anticipate we’ll have some in the future, too, I think that just goes with the territory across the state right now.”

Dear Como-Pickton Parents - Please read the following message from our school superintendent, Dr. Greg Bower.

Posted by Como-Pickton CPCISD on Monday, September 28, 2020

The district added that aside from the lack of success while attempting virtual learning, the “overwhelming additional workload" would not be suitable for teachers.

“When you have the amount of stress and workload that the staff has to face with the few and very poor results that we’re seeing, it’s just not sustainable.”

District leaders said parents who choose not to send their child back to school will have limited options:

  • Call any other public school or TEA accredited charter school who accepts online transfers
  • Homeschool
  • Enroll in an online public school, like K12

The last day of remote learning will be Oct. 9, with all students returning to face-to-face instruction on school campus by Monday, Oct. 12. The only students not allowed back on campus will be those who are quarantined due to COVID-19, Bower said.

“We’re here to guide them in another direction if they want to do that. And we’re here to welcome them back if they want to come back,” Bower explained. “If they just want to layout because the pandemic makes them nervous, man, we completely understand that, too. When they’re ready we have a place for them here.”

Social distancing will remain in place on and everyone will be screened while on campus. Quarantine procedures will also remain in place for if, and when, COVID-19 reaches CPCISD hallways.

“Our goal is to make sure our kiddos are successful, and I feel bringing them back into a school setting will make them successful.”

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