Longview parks to get facelift, new parking

Parks Expansion

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Plans for an expansion and renovation of two East Texas parks are moving forward.

In Longview, fire training tank cars were recently removed from one neighborhood, opening the way to rejuvenate the area.

For years people coming to Womack and Stamper parks in Longview struggled with an annoying problem. Parking!

But the removal of fire training tank cars between the parks now opens the area for expansion and improvement.

“One of our bond projects is to make improvements to both these areas. We’re going to make a number of improvements to the football fields. We’re converting one area into another football field,” says parks and recreation director Scott Caron.

“Getting a facelift in the city’s oldest park is going to be amazing. I’m looking for the park to once again thrive. I’m excited about that fact that it will look like a park once again,” said Nona Snoddy, district 2 city councilwoman.

At Womack, where big crowds come to attend youth football games and other sports, the lack of parking forced many to park in adjacent grass lots or even in wooded areas.

The ultimate plan now is renovation and expansion. Turning available area into accessible parking for Womack and Stamper parks.

“One of the things our citizens and residents want is for us to utilize our property better,” Caron says.

For neighbors and those who frequent the parks, its long-overdue welcome news.

“Very excited to be here to see this come to reality,” Snoddy says.

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