Whitehouse athletic director praises recognition of Mahomes in Time magazine

Mahomes Time 100

WHITEHOUSE, Texas (KLTV) - We all know the success Patrick Mahomes has on the football field, but his impact is being felt away from it also. 

The Super Bowl MVP is named among Time magazine’s top influential 100 people.  Politicians, musicians, and world leaders are also among those on the list.  But there isn’t but one from East Texas. Adam Cook, Whitehouse athletic director praises the latest recognition of Mahomes.

“That nails Patrick and who he is. And for someone like Derek Jeter to be the one to say here’s a guy whose influential and making an impact on the field and off the field, that’s amazing. He sees it,  I know Derek is somebody that Patrick’s always talked about, you know, getting to see when his dad was playing ball and that’s someone that he looked up to and now for someone like that to say hey young buck, you’re on the right track with what you’re doing, hopefully you’ll get some encouragement to Patrick to keep doing that," Cook said.

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