Longview pastor discusses giant message at Macedonia Baptist Church

WEBXTRA: Longview pastor discusses giant message at Macedonia Baptist Church

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - There are giants among us. Well, one anyway. The Macedonia Baptist Church of Longview is always looking for creative ways to make their point. And the pastor and a couple church members came up with using the story of David and Goliath, featuring a guest appearance of big guy himself.

Pastor Chris Robeson came up with the idea for a Goliath representation, and church member Tommy Dean, along with a few others, helped make it happen. It’s all about overcoming giant problems.

“The perfect example to begin the series was the huge event of this young teenage boy, David coming up against the man-giant, Goliath and being victorious,” Robeson said.

Nine and a half feet doesn’t really sound that tall, but when it’s in the shape of a person, well, that’s pretty tall. Robeson says it happened because of the congregation.

“There’s so many different people from so many different backgrounds, and being able to get them involved in events like this is an unbelievable blessing. And lets them be a team player; lets them feel part of it,” Robeson said.

And in this case it was Thomas Dean, Mike Thibodeaux and Gordon Pickard who brought Goliath to life. Sort of.

Tommy Dean helped make Goliath’s point, literally since he made the spear, including blacksmithing the spear point. He takes it seriously.

“When I do historical reproductions I want it as accurate as I can it. So the people have a realization of what it actually looked like,” Dean said.

The spear weighs about 70 pounds. The whole thing is very well stabilized. They don’t want a giant photo-op falling on anyone. But Goliath was built:

“For a series of ten messages, so ten weeks you’re going to have the opportunity to, from an illustrative standpoint, help people be reminded that sometimes we face giants, but man we’re in this together,” Robeson said.

The first time anyone sees Goliath, it’s always the same.

“It certainly achieves the wow factor. People walk in and they’re like, woaa!” Robeson said.

I bet Goliath never thought he’d be bringing people together instead of tearing them apart.

Pastor Robeson says when they are done with their ten week series of sermons, others churches are welcome to borrow Goliath if they’d like to make a big illustrative point. They just want to make sure that Goliath eventually comes home again.

Goliath and Spear

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