Public invited to walking tour of historic downtown Longview

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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - With events canceled all over the country, the people at the Gregg County Historical Museum did some brainstorming about a new event that is primarily outside with required social distancing. It’s called the Historic Downtown Walking Tour.

Gregg County Historical Museum Executive Director Lindsay Loy wants everyone to take a walk.

“So we’re going to take a historic journey through downtown Longview starting at the Everett Building, which is the museum. And then we’re going to go to the post office where someone’s going to give you a history of that and the mural in the post office, if you didn’t know there was one,” Loy said.

From there it’s up the block to Alton Plaza which used to be the Petroleum Building. It nearly didn’t survive to become an apartment building.

“And then we’re going to head over to the courthouse where Kimberly Fish is going to give you a dazzling historical lesson on the three courthouses that were there in that spot,” Loy said.

Then over to the First Presbyterian Church to look it over inside and out.

“And then we’re going to jaunt down the street to the Central Fire Station, where you’ll get to take your photo with the antique fire truck,” Loy said.

There will be no sliding down the fire poles, by the way.

And then it’s off to Tyler Street Where Larry Courington will tell everyone all about:

“The infamous 1894 bank robbery,” Loy said.

That’s the Dalton gang who shot up the town on their way out right in front of the museum, although it wasn’t the museum at the time.

“The across the street to Vera Bank where Gordon Northcutt and his team will talk to you about banking in Longview, and then back to the museum,” Loy said.

And if you feel like you don’t need to go because you just had the whole tour while you watched this, well there is more.

“We’re also talking about what used to be at that location,” Loy said.

Of course groups are limited to ten and you’ve got to call the museum to make a reservation, but it’s a good way to get out and learn a thing or two while you’re at it. And it’s actually something to do.

The Historic Downtown Walking Tour is Saturday, October 3 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Tours leave from the museum on the half hour, and the cost is $20 dollars a person.

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WEBXTRA: Historical walk