Brownsboro ISD to reopen Wednesday after fire marshal gives OK

Brownsboro ISD to reopen Wednesday after fire marshal gives OK
Brownsboro ISD campuses will remain closed Tuesday after an odor at the stadium caused students to feel sick during the football game Friday night.

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The superintendent of Brownsboro ISD announced Tuesday that the district has received the official clearance from the Henderson County Fire Marshal to open schools Wednesday.

Superintendent Keri Hampton said in a social media post that the investigation into the events from Friday night, when numerous people reported smelling natural gas at the football game, concluded that sewer gas was venting outside the theatre building but was not filtering high enough or far enough away from the building due to the conditions that night of high humidity and lack of wind during the game. This caused the gas to hover at low levels in certain areas rather than move through the air. Because the drill team and band students had just completed performing and had been sitting closest to this area, they were impacted the most, Hampton said.

“Over the last four days we have brought in licensed plumbers, HVAC technicians, and gas technicians to inspect each campus within the district and they have determined that all facilities are safe and approved for students and staff. We have also worked closely with our local and county fire department to examine air quality in each of our buildings and they found no issues,” Hampton said. “A big thank you to our incredible maintenance crew that has been instrumental in checking and rechecking our buildings to prepare for tomorrow. Additionally, we have also extended the height of the vent on the theatre building to help prevent any further issues as well as changed the direction of the vent so that the vent is pointing away from the stadium.”

She thanked the community for their support during the difficult situation and encouraged everyone to wear school colors on Wednesday to celebrate being back together.


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