East Texans join Cajun Navy to help hurricane victims

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Updated: Sep. 17, 2020 at 8:47 PM CDT
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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - As parts of Florida and Alabama are ravaged by Hurricane Sally, the call for help is again answered by East Texans and our neighbors in Louisiana, the Cajun Navy.

They’ve been working nonstop to rescue residents trapped in high water areas.

Ryan Nichols and his Rescue the Universe team from Longview have joined with the Cajun Navy in performing rescues of residents in the storm-ravaged areas of Alabama and Florida over the past three days.

“We are doing a little bit of everything. Right now we are headed over to an assisted living facility and we’re going to cut some trees for them,” Ryan says.

From cutting trees to rescuing whole families from high water areas, the team has seen the savage effects that Sally left behind.

“I got water in the boat. Took too many people out on the boat at one time,” says Ryan.

Nichols has left his Longview business behind several times over the past three years to join the Cajun Navy and help out each time a storm has hit American coastlines.

The selfless act of helping people who need it will keep groups like Nichols and the Cajun Navy showing up anytime they’re needed.

“In one rescue, we got a couple of babies out of a house. three dogs, five cats, two babies,” Nichols says.

Ryan and his team will stay in the affected areas with members of the Cajun Navy to help people and animals that may require rescue as well.

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