German journalists visit Hawkins to discuss upcoming presidential election

German journalists visit Hawkins to discuss upcoming presidential election

HAWKINS, Texas (KLTV) - Americans are not the only ones interested in our November elections, as a European news agency is in East Texas on that subject.

A German news crew from ‘Der Spiegel’, the German equivalent to Time Magazine, is in Texas to gauge the presidential election in November.

“We’re also filming in Florida, New York, and probably Atlanta. I think Europe sees this upcoming election on the United States where we’ll be in the new order of the world maybe,” says crew director Oliver Richardt.

They’re talking to average citizens but also seeking out German immigrants for their opinions, including Hawkins police chief Manfred Gilow.

“We are visiting 5 or 6 German immigrants,” Oliver says.

“They have a special point of view because they can compare the political systems of the German experience to the American experience now, and this makes the thing somehow interesting,” says photographer Christoph Lerch.

The election of interest to Germans, as they are a longtime trading partners and a NATO ally.

“When the trade war with China started, it also effected Europe as well,” Richardt says.

Knowing that the film crew had seen the Covid-19 effects and the civil unrest with protests in the U-S, Gilow was quick to make a point with the crew.

“No law and order, no freedom. Because without freedom, there is dictatorship,” Manfred says.

The crew will be traveling across the United States doing the same thing, collecting opinions.

“Gives you a sense of more normal life,” says Oliver.

After leaving Texas, the crew will return to their Los Angeles bureau to produce the story.

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