NCAA student-athletes given day off for Election Day

NCAA student-athletes given day off for Election Day
The NCAA has released its latest guidance to help member schools navigate competition during the pandemic. (Source: NCAA)

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The NCAA took a giant step forward with their student-athletes by making sure practices or other sport-related activities interfered with their right to vote on Election Day.

On Wednesday the NCAA Division I Council announced that Division I student-athletes will not practice and compete on the first Tuesday after Nov. 1 every year, including the upcoming Election Day on Nov. 3.

“This is a great step forward for student-athletes across the Nation,” SFA Athletic Director Ryan Ivey said. “The right to vote is one that we should revere and exercise as often as we can. To be able to provide education and the opportunity to exercise this right is something that we are 100% focused on within our Athletics department.”

Multiple universities and conferences around the country had previously moved to make Election Day a non- activity day for the athletes. Now it will be nation wide for years to come.

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