Winnsboro church helps continue Meals on Wheels distribution after fire

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Updated: Sep. 15, 2020 at 3:23 PM CDT
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WINNSBORO, Texas (KLTV) - A church in Winnsboro is helping fill a need for a nonprofit whose distribution building was damaged by fire.

Multiple crews responded to a fire at the Winnsboro ISD administration building on Sunday, Sept. 6. The building suffered heavy smoke and fire damage before crews extinguished the flames.

The school administrators weren’t the only ones displaced, the Meals on Wheels' distribution site was in the east side of the building and is now riddled with smoke damage.

“We were just scrambling pretty much trying to figure out where we were gonna deliver,” says site manager Renee Brown. “Luckily it was labor day the next day, so we had a day to figure out what we were gonna do, and we just started asking around.”

Brown’s husband, Nub Brown, is a youth and education minister with the Pine Street Baptist Church and he immediately took their problem to the pastor.

“It was just a no-brainer, we’ve gotta do something,” says Nub Brown, “they’ve gotta have a place and they’ve gotta have it now.”

Meals on Wheels is now distributing out of the church’s activities building, and they weren’t the first or last to offer their services.

“I actually had another church, before ours, offer and they said look if you need somewhere. Then I had another lady call say we’ve got a place if you need somewhere to go. So, there had been offers coming in all the time,” says Renee Brown.

She added that no matter where they needed to go to get the job done, not delivering on time for their clients was never an option. “Some of these people depend on their volunteers to see them each day,” says Brown, “we check on them and make sure they’re okay, sometimes we’re the only contact they have for that day so there was never a question about if we would deliver, it was just where we were going to deliver out of.”

Some of the volunteers went out to buy brand new coolers for them to store the meals after their previous ones were damaged by smoke.


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