WATCH: Dr. Ed Dominguez answers latest round of COVID-19 questions

ETN: Dr. Ed answers viewer questions about COVID-19

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Dr. Ed Dominguez, an infectious disease specialist with Methodist Dallas Medical Center, joined East Texas Now on Friday to answer viewer-submitted about the COVID-19 virus.

Dominguez spoke to East Texas Now host Jeremy and answered questions about a wide variety of COVID-19-related topics.

In response to a question asking whether people should be concerned about “false positive” results from COVID-19 tests, Dominguez said the issue came up at a recent clinical. He said the doctor who oversees the clinical testing program for the Methodist health system’s hospitals and clinics said that the number of false-positive results from COVID-19 tests is really low.

Dominguez said the number of false native results has been higher.

“We worry about false-negative results because we don’t want to miss anybody,” Dominguez said.

The infectious disease specialist said medical professionals still aren’t entirely sure what a positive test result means. He said they don’t know if it means the person has the virus or just a fragment of it. They also don’t know if a person who tests positive for COVID-19 is contagious, he said.

“A positive test means that you’ve had the virus at some point,” Dominguez said.

Another person asked if the symptoms will be as bad if an individual gets infected with the COVID-19 virus a second time. Dominguez responded that based on what medical professionals have learned from the few people who have contracted COVID-19 more than once, the symptoms typically aren’t as severe as they were the first time.

Dominguez said antibodies in a person’s body build up after the first COVID-19 infection, and as a result, the individual may be protected from getting the illness again for another three months.

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