Technology saved from Winnsboro ISD administration center fire

Technology saved from Winnsboro ISD administration center fire
Winnsboro ISD is temporarily relocating administrators after a fire erupted late Sunday night in the back of their administration building. Winnsboro police say fire crews were called to the scene at around 10 o’clock last night. (Source: KLTV)

WINNSBORO, Texas (KLTV) - Winnsboro ISD is in the process of cleaning out its administration center after a fire ripped through the back of the building. Although much of the administration’s everyday work was lost, a lot of technology in the building at the time of the fire was salvaged.

“This is the heart of our school district right here. So it’s you know, making sure we. hoping we can get everything out of here we could but it didn’t happen,” says Jody Hettich, Winnsboro ISD’s Chief of Police and School Resources Officer.

He got the call about the administration office being on fire and rushed to the scene to help. He says, “I came in from that direction and you could see lots of smoke coming in from this way because it was on the backside of this building right here. So it was lots of smoke.”

Hettich adds that he and other school board members knew there were Chromebooks inside the building at the time of the fire and that the administration and their students couldn’t afford to go another week without.

He says “we just saved the school district a lot of money and time not having to replace a lot of stuff. It’s crucial because distance learning is a big thing right now, it may grow, we hope it don’t but there’s a possibility of it getting bigger, so, anything we can save and do puts us one step ahead.”

The Winnsboro Fire Department tells us the fire Sunday evening was caused by an electric shortage. The Winnsboro administration says once they’ve finished sorting through the damage, they’ll bring in an adjuster to determine costs and their next steps.

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