Deep East Texas teams return to practice after disruption from Hurricane Laura

Deep East Texas teams return to practice after disruption from Hurricane Laura

HEMPHILL, Texas (KLTV) - Several Deep East Texas teams are still out of school but their football teams are back on the practice fields trying to prepare for Friday football.

In Hemphill the hornets started their Tuesday preparing for Buna. By the middle of the day Buna canceled on them as they are still struggling to clean up. By the end of the day the team had a scrimmage scheduled with Vidor at 10 am on Thursday.

The players on the team know that playing football is a luxury while so many more are trying to piece their life back together.

“Those first reports had the eye coming right over Toledo bend,” Hemphill wide receiver Chance Childress said. “We honestly didn’t expect to have anything left but then when it made landfall and turned east I knew how bad it was going to be and I know how bad it s for them down there. I feel horrible but at the same time I am thankful that it didn’t come right up Toledo because we would have been out of everything.”

Up the road from Hemphill the San Augustine Wolves are preparing for their Friday night game at Waskom. San Augustine lost their week one game with West Sabine last week after the Tigers canceled.

“It’s weird because we are used to playing and working hard for every Friday night,” San Augustine line backer Braiden Hightower said. “We practice hard and we try to stay ready.”

In San Augustine many residents were without power through the weekend, including assistand coach Joush Morris who regained power Monday night.

“It was a little uncomfortable,” Morris said. “There were a lot of cold showers at my house. I did have a generator so I was better off than some. I was able to come up to the school and do laundry here in the locker rooms.”

Between COVID-19 and clean up from Laura there is a lot of uncertainty. Hemphill head coach Gary Vanya is hoping that his student-athletes learn from this experience.

“After Laura made her appearance I think they understood why we canceled and why we couldn’t reschedule a game,” Vanya said. “At the time it just wasn’t possible for our kids or our parents. It is not that important if you play a football game or not. It is more important to take care of your family and those that are in need at that time.”

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