Earl Campbell Award coming to Tyler HS

Earl Campbell Award coming to Tyler HS

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - NFL Hall of Famer and Tyler native Earl Campbell was on hand Monday morning at Tyler High School to announce a new award would be coming to the Lions football program named after the Tyler Rose.

Head Coach Ricklan Holmes believes that the award will not only honor Campbell but also inspire the current student-athletes.

”Earl is not just known in Tyler,” Tyler High School Ricklan Holmes said. “Earl is known across the country and the world because of everything that he has done and the things that he has been doing not just for the University of Texas but Tyler High School is phenomenal. We always want to represent guys like that. “

Earl Campbell speaks to players at Tyler High School about new award

Campbell said he always felt it important to give back to the Tyler youth and use his name not for fame but for inspiration.

”Being an exceptional athlete or human being comes from somewhere,” Campbell said. “Maybe mine came from that great tradition in East Texas with our athletes. It rubbed off on me and it could rub off on one of a few kids here.”

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