Utility crews continue effort to restore power in Carthage area

WEBXTRA: Utility crews continue effort to restore power in Carthage area

CARTHAGE, Texas (KLTV) - Late today there were still East Texans without power as a result of the after effects of hurricane ‘Laura’ slamming into the coast and driving northward.

As tree limbs and debris is cleared away, linemen continue the non-stop work of restoring power in the aftermath.

“At the height of the storm in East Texas we had between 12 and 13-thousand customers out of power.

It came in yesterday afternoon and did quite a bit of damage. Not as much damage as we anticipated. We were ready for a much larger storm, and thankfully we’re not impacted quite as badly as we thought we would be,” said SWEPCO external affairs manager Mark Robinson.

Still enough wind to knock down power lines, knocking out power to homes, businesses and traffic lights.

And putting citizens near downed lines in some danger.

“Stay away from any downed wires. They could be potentially energized, and we do not want to have any safety incidents, or anybody getting hurt,” Mark says.

At the corner of Wellington and Sabine street , the line had been repaired once, and downed again.

A small army of linemen was made available to be deployed in response to the outages.

Over the last 24 hours, line crews have been going grid to grid, one section at a time to repair power lines and snapped power poles.

SWEPCO told us today that they do expect that they will have all power restored to all East Texas households and businesses by the end of the day.

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