Sabine County residents cleaning up from Hurricane Laura

Residents in Sabine County are picking up what’s left after Hurricane Laura went through the area Thursday

Sabine County residents cleaning up from Hurricane Laura
Sabine County residents cleanup after Hurricane Laura (Source: Sabine County residents cleanup after Hurricane Laura)

SABINE COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Many areas on the eastern side of Sabine County took a direct hit from Hurricane Laura that left damage behind like at this house that you see here in the Pendleton Harbor subdivision.

“My mom called me at 5:30 [Thursday] and said ‘honey, I think we have a problem. A tree has hit the house.’ Of course, ‘how bad is it, do you think?’ And she said, ‘well, I think it’s pretty bad. It came in our bedroom ceiling.’”

Tanna Harris’ parents live in this house on the east side of the subdivision. She says once she arrived, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

“I was completely flabbergasted to see the tree, the size of a root ball completely laying on top of their house, completely lifted out of the ground and laying on top of their house,” Harris said. “Then going inside and seeing that it was mere feet away from where my mom had been sleeping.”

She says her parents are okay. Harris says she called in veterans with Combined Arms, like Michelle Barnett, to help with cleanup not just at her parent’s house but others in the area.

“I love helping people and the more people we can help while we’re up here, the better,” Barnett said.

Many more are cleaning up damage like Tammy Harris, who has lived here on the west side of the subdivision for 17 years.

“By daybreak, it was starting to ramp up,” Harris said. “Pretty much high winds at that point, not so much movement on the ground.”

But she says things changed rapidly as a tree fell onto her home.

“I was standing nearby it and very fortunate. I felt like my angels were on my shoulder yesterday,” Harris said.

Sabine County Judge Daryl Melton says many people in the county especially those on the eastern side are without power. They have called in additional crews to help with the restoration.

Melton also says the county has called in additional help from the military to bring in MRE’s, water, and ice to residents. Those will be located at the Farmers Market in Hemphill, Six Mile Volunteer Fire Station and Holly Park Marina sometime Saturday, August 28th.

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