Way Back Sports: Lufkin wins the U.S. Championship

Way Back Sports: Lufkin wins the U.S. Championship
Lufkin All-Stars, 2017 (LLWS) (Source: Little League International)

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - On August 26, 2017 the Lufkin little League All-Stars won the U.S. Championship at the Little League World Seires.

The team, better known as the Thundering 13, represented the Southwest Region and beat the Southeast Region, represented by Greenville, North Carolina, 6-5 in a great comeback.

Down 5-0 after the third inning, Lufkin scored two in the fourth, two in the fifth and two in the sixth to get the win with Mark Requena hitting a two-run home run followed by Chip Buchanan closing out the game in the bottom of the sixth on the mound.

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Lufkin would go on to lose to Japan in the World Championship on Sunday. Three years later with Hurricane Laura a real threat to the region the game is also remembered for being played while Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Coast.

Once back in Lufkin the team of teenagers would help raise money for hurricane relief, volunteer at shelters and help the local food pantry. The team showed it was more than winning a game. it was about representing a community on the national stage and it can’t be denied that they did the best they could.

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