Pine Tree ISD superintendent talks new protocols, virtual learning

Updated: Aug. 20, 2020 at 11:17 PM CDT
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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - After wrapping up the second day of classes at Pine Tree ISD, superintendent Steve Clugston noted a few areas the district will need to stay on top of this year.

“You know, we’ve had to do a little bit of reminding on masks. Just because, you know a kid gets is sitting in a class and they’re socially distanced. And so they’ve got an option then if they can properly social distance stay seated to remove that mask. But then getting up, you know, you just gotta remind hey put your mask on before you get up and move forward,” he said.

Clugston said for the most part, the kids have done a great job in regards to wearing masks.

“But really I’ve got to give our kids credit. So proud of them -- from the little bitties all the way up. They have done a great job the last two days keeping their mask on. And just really, you know, no complaints and just going through like it was life as normal, I guess. I’m very proud of our kids,” he said.

Open Campus
Open Campus((Source: KLTV))

In regards to virtual learning, Clugston said while it will be challenging, making sure students and staff are familiarized with the systems in place will help ensure the quality of remote instruction.

“I think the biggest thing right now is just getting everybody is kind of comfortable with the online platform that we’re using and kind of how to manipulate it. You know how to use, it’s Google Classroom for some campuses. Or if it’s See-Saw for the littles, know how that works. A how I get on to make sure I can get help from my teacher when I need it and things of that nature. I think just this startup is just kind of getting everybody familiarized with that. Once we get going, you’re gonna see the other challenges come in,” Clugston said.

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