Andy Dalton ready to play support role as back up

Dalton ready to play support role as backup to Prescott

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Andy Dalton is entering the season with the understanding that he is the back up quarterback.

From the moment the Cowboys signed the nine-year veteran speculation grew that the team was preparing for a season without Dak Prescott as he continued to negotiate a new deal. Both Dalton and the Cowboys said Dak was the starter. That is the same feeling with camp starting.

This time with the team is a transitional period for Dalton who is used to getting a majority of the reps. Now he will use what he learned from his numerous backups to help him transition to Prescott’s backup.

”I have learned from them what it takes to be a back up and what it is like to support the starter,” Dalton said. “That is the biggest thing. You have to be his number one supporter making sure you are helping him on the sideline on game day and just give him any tips you see on the sideline.”

McCarthy noted that he has already seen leadership from Dalton on and off the field and is confident Dalton playing his role and being ready in case he is needed.

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