Next Normal: What East Texas Oil Museum visitors can expect during COVID-19 pandemic

WEBXTRA: What East Texas Oil Museum visitors can expect during COVID-19 pandemic

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - It’s nearly 40 years old and going strong despite the COVID-19 pandemic. If you haven’t been in a while, maybe it’s time to take another trip to the East Texas Oil Museum in Kilgore. KLTV gets the lowdown on the new rules in place there in the Next Normal.

Ah, the East Texas Oil Museum. You might think it’s a slippery slope getting in there, but, according to Museum Manager Olivia Moore the rules are pretty much what you would expect.

“We have implemented and do follow the governor’s guidelines of everyone wearing a face covering when they enter the museum. We do also ask that anyone over the age of two wears a face covering,” Moore said.

And if you forget one, you’ll be taken care of.

“If someone comes to the museum without a face covering we do offer them a disposable one to use and to take with them,” Moore said.

And, of course they have:

“Sanitizer at the front door. We have it outside the restrooms as well as the entrance to Boomtown,” Olivia said.

Around the museum, seating is not allowed since it would be difficult to stay on top of sanitizing.

“We also sanitize with spray all the common touch surfaces in the gift shop. We also sanitize the elevator ride to the center of the earth after each party exits. And then we wait until that air dries, which is the best way to ensure that sanitizer does its job before we allow the next party to enter,” Moore said.

Their newly remodeled theater gets similar treatment.

“And we also play our movie in the boomtown theater on the hour. When that movie completes we sanitize that room as well,” Moore said.

The tours, which generally involve parties who came in together, are less than 10 and on a:

“First-come first-serve basis at this point,” Moore said.

The buttons that play videos have been temporarily taped off, and there are some tight spots in Boomtown.

“Everybody is really respectful of the other guests that are at the museum and they do their best to insure that two people don’t end up in that same tight quarters,” Moore said.

Olivia wears many hats at the museum, as do the other two Olivias working there. Of course, Olivia’s in charge of sanitizing, so you may see her wiping things down as you leave. But if she can’t get to it, well Olivia can.

The East Texas Oil Museum is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It’s $10 for adults and $7 for children.

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