Construction underway on bee observatory at Tyler Rose Garden

Bees set to move in by spring of 2021

Tyler Bees

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - About a year ago, the city of Tyler became one of the state’s four bee cities. The goal is to support pollinators, like bees, by giving them a healthy habitat rich in native plants and an environment almost free of pesticides.

Among the city’s goals: creating a bee-friendly habitat on public property. A goal that’s already under construction.

“They’re all interested in how and what the bees does,” said Richard Counts.

Counts is with the East Texas Beekeeping Association, and is somewhat of an expert on bees.

“I’m not an expert. I’m a longtime bee keeper,” he said.

So, he’s a humble expert. Either way, Counts knows a lot about bees and their importance.

“Albert Einstein made the statement years ago without the honey bee we would not exist within 3 years,” Counts said.

And Counts said because of their importance, folks are often eager to see bees at work. Something you’ll soon be able to do at the Tyler Rose Garden’s new outdoor observation hive.

“This is designed for the public to walk up to it, safely see and observe the honey bee,” Counts said. “You’ll be able to see bees under glass on their cones, which is actually their home.”

Construction on this project in a partnership between the East Texas Beekeeper’s Association, the Boy Scouts of America, and Keep Tyler Beautiful.

“Bees are friendly, they are our friends, bees are not here to harm us,” said Belen Casillas, Keep Tyler Beautiful Community Coordinator. “We’re currently in phase one, so we’ve built a platform, a wall, and a roof. Our goal is to put the actual beehive structure in there that’s going to host a bee community.”

Like other things, the project has been delayed by COVID-19, Casillas said the bees won’t actually move in to their new home until next spring.

“You are not able to move bees at any other time because you run the risk of them passing away and not surviving,” Casillas said. “This structure should be done by the end of September, but the bees won’t actually be in until springtime.”

You can expect to see the bees by April of 2021.

A bee can be seen in the Idea Garden at the Tyler Rose Garden.
A bee can be seen in the Idea Garden at the Tyler Rose Garden. (Source: Blake Holland/KLTV)

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