Big Sandy residents experience water pressure issues after main water well fails

Big Sandy Well Fails

BIG SANDY, Texas (KLTV) - Friday morning, Big Sandy announced that one of their main water wells failed and is now affecting nearly 700 families with water pressure issues.

We spoke with the mayor to discuss the probable cause of the issues and what the city is doing to fix the problem.

The city released a Facebook post informing all residents, especially those just north of Highway 80 to conserve water after one of their water wells failed. Mayor, Sonny Parsons said this is a unique situation.

“This particular pump has been there for quite a few years and it doesn’t happen that often. All the wells, not just in Big Sandy are affected by the sand. Over a decade of pumping water, the sand begins to eat away at things.”

Parsons explains why this task isn’t an easy fix

“The well itself is down 570 feet and it’s not something you can go out there and pull up to check it out.”

He also says this main water pump failure shouldn’t alarm residents

“It’s not critical, it’s not going to cause the town to shut down because we have two other wells that’s pumping water, but the pump seems to have gone out. So, we have a well company that works with us and as soon as they can they’re going to come out and repair the pump.”

The mayor says that the process will take a few days

“We have contacted the vendor already and a lot depends on if they have the parts in stock whether they have to order it or not. Hopefully, the company has the pumps, and they should have them in stock. I’m just speculating as far as the amount of time, but hopefully within a week’s amount of time we should be up and running. Probably shorter than that it just depends on when they can get out of here and start working on it.”

Normally the pump operates at 400 gallons per minute and now it’s currently operating at 200.

The mayor says this only affects the water pressure and a boil notice is not in effect. Just conserve.

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