Best practices for back to school

Ways parents can help keep COVID-19 out of the house

Best practices for back to school

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Schools and teachers have been hard at work to make sure classrooms are stocked with cleaning supplies, but there are simple ways to help prevent your student from tracking COVID-19 through the door.

You can opt for a paper bag for lunch rather than a lunch box. Medical Director of Organ Transplants and Infectious Diseases at Methodist Dallas, Dr. Ed Dominguez says, “anything that’s disposable rather than reusable is most likely going to be the safer option.”

Dr. Ed also mentions changing out of school clothes when the student gets home saying, “I think it’s reasonable to have them change clothes and just wash their hands more than anything else.”

Operations Manager of Complete Clean, Jesica Champion suggests taking shoes off at the door and sanitizing the soles with a disinfectant. She recommends, “Lysol’s a great one. Alcohol, rubbing alcohol as long as it’s at least 70% it’ll kill the virus. That’s a nice easy one just put it in the spray bottle and set it by the door and when they walk you know just say ‘let’s spray it up, let’s take care of it.’”

She also says germ hot spots on your student’s backpack and belongings are a quick clean, especially “zippers of course. I mean you know the zipper, the backpack, the pencil bags. Most of your Lysols and aerial sprays, you can spray over all of that stuff. I mean if it gets a little water spots, it’s gonna be okay because at least you’re being protected.”

Champion also says any cleaning solution on the US Environmental Protection Agency list of disinfectants for use against COVID-19 will do the trick. You can find that full list in our Big Red Box.

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