Cowboys owner Jerry Jones remains optimistic about fans at games

Cowboys Camp 6PM

FRISCO, Texas (KLTV) - Cowboys rival The Washington Football Team announced they won’t allow fans at their home games, the Eagles say the same, while the NY Giants say its a possibility.

But Jerry Jones the owner of the Cowboys always the enthusiastic optimistic guy says:

“Our fans will be in the stadium because they have chosen to be there. I am completely confident that if I’ve ever seen a general population have had an information of where the issues are, where the vulnerabilities are, how to conduct yourselves, the do right rule relative to the person with you and beside you that you do know or don’t know. I’m confident that we got a very educated situation and our fans can come and have a safe experience in our stadium along with of course our players having the safety their required on the football field,” Jones said.

Although the Cowboys have yet to devise a plan that will allow fans into the games during the season, they can take a page from NASCAR who did let fans come in early on, it just wasn’t full capacity.

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