At-home learning from inside the classroom in Lindale

The teacher's side of virtual learning

At-home learning from inside the classroom in Lindale
The teachers side of virtual learning (Source: KLTV)

LINDALE, Texas (KLTV) -Teachers are getting both their physical and virtual classrooms ready. About 18% of the Lindale ISD student population will be at-home learners. Lindale, like many districts, has provided the online platform, Canvas, for virtual instruction.

Philana Hollingsworth, a second-grade teacher for College Street Elementary in Lindale, says, “the transition hasn’t been too difficult because we’ve had training. We have a canvas specialist here at Lindale who’s taught us different aspects of it; we’ve gone through and put lessons on there already.”

Students in the classroom will learn to use Canvas so they’re familiar with the platform if they ever have to learn virtually again. At-home learners will primarily use platform for their entire learning experience.

“They’ll get all of our lessons for all subjects we teach online. We’ll also have video lessons for them as well where they’ll see our faces, and get to hear our voices and still feel like they’re a part of our classroom,” says Hollingsworth.

She adds that at College Street Elementary there are teams to decide which videos they want to create a video lesson on. She describes the videos as, “it’ll be us, not necessarily in front of the other students, but just us teaching the lesson so they can see us teaching it just like the kids in the classroom would.

The at-home learning experience isn’t the same as the one students who sit in the classroom every day get. Hollingsworth says it’s crucial to make a connection through the screen.

“We have to do the best that we can do as far as building that relationship while they’re at home. We can’t just leave it to the parents or to an online screen, for second graders especially. We’re going to have to communicate with them verbally and through videos so they can see us,” she says.

Lindale ISD starts school in less than a week and Hollingsworth says she and her fellow teachers feel much more prepared this year with the help of Canvas.

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