Dak Prescott supportive of diverse teammates, ready to put up big numbers

Dak Prescott supportive of diverse teammates, ready to put up big numbers
Dak Prescott (Source: Dallas Cowboys)

FRISCO Texas (KLTV) - The Dallas Cowboys have a lot of questions that fans want answers to as they get ready to open training camp practices on Friday.

One of the biggest is how will the contract negotiations between Dak Prescott and the team will affect the on the field production. Dak believes it wont.

“I grew up wanting to be a Dallas Cowboy and I am, and I’ve got dreams of being a Dallas Cowboy until I’m done throwing the football,” Prescott said. “None of that’s going to change just because we couldn’t reach an agreement there for this season. But as I said, I’m a Cowboy right now and that’s all that matters and that’s my whole focus.”

Under the CBA rules, Prescott and the team cannot agree on a new deal until the off season so it should be business as usual on the field until the Cowboys end their season.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was asked in his first media availability since the death of George Floyd how he would react if players on his team chose to kneel in the national anthem. Jones said he would treat players and fans with ‘grace’ and hoped fans would do the same with the team and try to understand the deep meaning of what is being done. It was a different answer than what he said two years ago.

When Prescott was asked about the issue, he said he will support any player with whatever they do.

“As a football team you want to represent one group,” Prescott said. “The best part of football is it represents, in a sense, the country – different people from different economic backgrounds, different social backgrounds, different beliefs, religions, color. Any way you think of, the football team is compiled of all kind different places and backgrounds where they come from, but we all come together for one common goal and that’s to support each other and to go win.”

“I think in anything that we do we want to represent how we can come together and how we can be as one. And that’s what this country needs to be right now.”

A lot of attention on the field this year will be in the production by the Cowboys three top receivers and running back Ezekiel Elliot.

“There’s no egos with them,” Prescott said. “I mean from Amari, to CeeDee to Gallup and then obviously Zeke. I mean none of these guys have an ego, and I think that’s the best part about it is they all want to see the other guy have success, and obviously they want to have success and it’s just going to create this amazing fun environment. It already has, it’s already been that way for a couple of weeks as we’ve been going. And it’s just exciting to see that much talent, and that those guys care that much about the team and not themselves. We’ll be able to spread it out and make everybody happy.”

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