Firefighters say 63-acre fire in Van Zandt County is completely out

Updated: Aug. 10, 2020 at 1:08 PM CDT
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VAN ZANDT COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas wildfire that covered nearly 100 acres is now contained.

It happened on a private ranch in Van Zandt County, north of Highway 80, northwest of Edgewood.

“We first got the page for a grass and brush fire off of 1395 and 3702,” said Wills Point Fire Captain Christopher DeBoard. “On our way out there we saw a heavy column of smoke and that’s when we started calling for reinforcements, right off the bat."

The Wills Point fire department enlisted the help of the Edgewood fire department and eventually the Texas Forestry Service to fight a fire that eventually became 100 acres.

“Once we arrived on scene, the fire was moving rapidly,” said DeBoard. “It got to a point where we couldn’t get any further into it because it was very thick woods, so we set up different sectors with two to three trucks at each sector.

According to DeBoard, it was then a waiting game.

“At some points it was a big old wall of fire and then the wind would shift on us again,” said DeBoard. “It would go away for a bit then the wind would shift again, and it would start up again.”

After battling the fire for six to eight hours, DeBoard said the fire was contained to a much smaller area by the forestry service.

“They’ve cut a section around it to where its contained in that section,” said DeBoard.

The fire captain is urging people not to burn.

“Don’t burn and if you do, be incredibly cautious; don’t leave your fire unattended at all,” said DeBaord. “But my biggest recommendation; don’t burn. This week is very dangerous."

No one was injured due to the fire and no buildings were damaged.

The Wills Point fire department doesn’t know what started the fire, but the Texas Forestry Service said the cause is under investigation.

Van Zandt County Fire
Van Zandt County Fire((Source: KLTV))


According to a firefighter with the Wills Point Volunteer Fire Department, the fire was 100% contained late on Sunday night. It was on a private ranch, he said, about 300 feet off the main roadway of FM 1395.

63-acre fire battled by several departments, Texas Forest Service

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